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2015년 6월, 금영 노래방의 디지털포스터 kiwi 업데이트 소식

2015년 6월, 금영 노래방의 디지털포스터 kiwi 업데이트 소식

2015년 6월, 금영 노래방의 디지털포스터 kiwi 업데이트 소식

안녕하세요! 금영입니다. ^o^
금영만의 스마트한 디지털 포스터 kiwi의 6월 포스터를 소개합니다!

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지금까지 금영만이 해낼 수 있는 디지털 포스터, kiwi 였습니다.
6월에도 저희 금영 노래방과 함께 항상 활기차고 행복이 가득한 한 달 되시기를 바랍니다. 🙂



  1. Agatha

    Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brialilnt posts.

    2 년 ago
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    Dear Angie, Congratulations. I am happy for you. It is fun to win something, especially something that speaks to you like this. To believe in a world that is spinning with doubt and confusion is a blessing. The donuts look like perfection. Blessings my dear. Catherine xo

    2 년 ago
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    Color me extremely jealous of your outing.I used to love taking my art kids on field trips to the MFAH… hearing their commentary and getting a glimpse into how they saw things.

    1 년 ago

    Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend figuring this one out!

    1 년 ago

    You're right, it's totally inappropriate for people to ask that. It's so hard to come up with an answer that both educates people and as K grows doesn't make her feel like it's something to hide. I like Becky's idea of responding with a questions like "Why do you ask?". It gives you some insight and also gives you some additional time to decide how to respond =)

    1 년 ago